Must be something about New Year’s Eve that drags me back to the keyboard. As I sit here and look at my last post, dated exactly 4 years ago, I can’t help but smile at the truth and the irony captured in the words I wrote that day.

Though I plan to write more about the gap between then and now in the coming months, the short version of the story is that yes, my hunch was right. I have caught my groove, and things did get better. I’m now the proud owner of both a successful software company, and a successful craft brewery, both of which I built with my partner in crime, Shawn Christenson.

My wife Heather is still my biggest supporter, my kids, though growing faster than I can stand, are fantastic.

Despite the many disappointments that 2016 has delivered to the world, I am please to say that life has never been better.

There are 5 minutes until the new year, and I made a goal to hit post in time to pop a beer and watch the ball drop, so off I go, and here we ride into 2017, valiantly, and ready to take on the world.


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