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16 Feb 2010

Becoming a Crusader

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I’ve been blogging here for almost 2 years, yet it wasn’t until several months ago that everything really clicked for me and this blog really started taking off.

We’ll get in to the how in just a sec, but before that, I’d like to talk about the why.


Become an Outlier

As Gladwell states in his book, Outliers, it takes approximately 10,000 hours to master a skill, and although Outliers posits that being as successful as the Beatles or Bill Gates requires both extraordinary talent and fortune, it also suggests that without these 10,000 hours of dedicated practice, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will become a master of their craft.

Within my 2 years of blogging, working an average of 8 hours per day, I’ve probably reached something like 5,000 hours of practice, which, according to Gladwell, is only half of what it takes. Realistically, that means I have another 2 years to go before I reach the point where my skill matches my desire.

However, as I said to Susan Baker, The Escape Hatcher, during our talk yesterday, the truth is that several months ago, after nearly 2 years of busting my ass to build this blog and my business, I finally had a sort of “Neo” moment, where everything in the Matrix was revealed to me and I started seeing code.

At that point, it became less a matter of learning and more a matter of practical application. The game suddenly made sense to me, and now…in order to get where I need to go…I just need to play it.

What this means for you

What I’m getting at is that the reason many people fail at this game of building digital empires is not because they aren’t talented enough to make it work, but because they haven’t put in the time necessary to become successful. I always said that it’s those moments, when you feel like quitting, that define you.

That’s your chance to separate yourself from the quitters…that’s your chance to cement your character as one of a winner, rather than one as a quitter.

This isn’t a get rich quick game, it’s a get rich slowly game. In fact, I prefer to call it “Building a Digital Empire.”

Empires aren’t built overnight; they are built through years of detailed planning and decisive action. Yours is no different…so when times get tough or if you fail before you succeed, just remember…it takes time to build an empire.

Mission Critical

If I’ve learned anything in the past 2 years about blogging and building businesses, it’s that the true way to obtain success is by enabling people to have some of their own. People aren’t shopping at your store in order to make you feel good, they’re doing it so that they feel good.

Last night I bought my first Mac, and even though the guy wanted to make it a true “Apple Experience” for me, the only thing that mattered to me was the gratification of buying that damn iMac. It wasn’t about his needs to make me happy, it was about my need to buy something and get that awesome feeling of knowing that a new world awaits inside of that box.

The same is true of any other product.

  • You buy music because it makes you feel good…it resonates with you.
  • You buy Taco Bell at 2 AM because you crave it.
  • You buy smart phones because they enable you to improve the way you interact with people on a daily basis.

That being said, the most successful online marketers are those that have built brands that drive people towards a specific feeling or action. The best example I can point to is Chris Guillebeau, who writes about non-conformity.

Even though he travels the world and has visited nearly 200 countries, it’s the message he’s sending that really resonates with people.

I’m not traveling around the world, so although it was cool at first, it’s not the travel that does it for me now…it’s the fact that in joining his cause, commenting on his blog, and buying his products…I can become part of something. I can join a crusade against conformity.

  • Jonathan Fields – Career Renegade
  • Pam Slim – Escape Cubicle Nation
  • Liz Strauss – It’s About People
  • Naomi Dunford – Ittybiz (marketing for those that don’t like to)

These are all people that sell digital products, many of which teach you, in essence, how to make money as an entrepreneur, but have you noticed that none of their products are branded as make money online products?

It’s because they aren’t make money online products, they are “mission products,” and people want to be part of something like that.

My Own Experience

Initially, my blog didn’t have a mission. The only mission was to exist, and even that was up in the air. After that, it was the mission of the Webrepreneur, but even that didn’t really take off because it was about me, not you.

Now, even though my mission is to teach people how to build digital empires, there’s so much more to it. It’s no bullshit, call it like I see it. Lead from the front, not from behind. It’s coming up with new ideas and actually testing them, instead of copying and repeating what everyone else says and does. Lastly, and most important, it’s about enabling people to build their own kingdom so that they can live the life that they desire…so that they can turn their dreams into reality.

I recently wrote a post for Copyblogger, called The Art of Shameless Self-Promotion, in which I talked about this in more detail. Although I won’t rehash it all here, the prevailing theme was that your ideas aren’t just about you…they are about everyone. Ideas are living and breathing things, and if you don’t harness them, then someone else will. They’re waiting for you to turn them into something concrete…your ideas need you.

And it’s the same with people. People need you. They need leaders. They need people that are willing to step up and tell them what they want to do. They are waiting, if nothing else, for you to claim ownership of your own skill so that you can teach with confidence and authority.

Build a Mission Plan

What’s your mission? Why should people follow you? Why should they listen?

This Thursday, I’m going to spend some time talking about monetization and how to lead both novice princes and experienced kings, but before we get there…it’s critical that you discover your own personal mission. If not a personal mission, then a business mission.

Look at the causes that truly inspire you and I can almost guarantee that behind that cause, you’ll find a powerful mission that resonates with your own. That’s what you need to tap into, both on your own, and with your customers.

Think of it like this…

Before any major battle, there’s always an epic speech that inspires boys to fight like men and men to fight like gods. William Wallace in Braveheart. King Leonidas in 300. Jake Sully in Avatar.

The speech is the mission. The mission is the business. The business is something capable of changing the world.

What’s your mission?

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Release Your Dreams


  • Joel Williams

    Love reading your posts Nathan, they're inspiring (whether you mean them to be or not!) and always leave me with many internal questions that need to be answered about how I'm doing things, and why. Thanks!

  • Nathan Hangen

    Inspiring is good. I'd like to think I can mix inspiration with education and create something worth reading. You say you have questions after reading…that's exactly what I'm hoping to do. Thanks for reading!

  • remarkablogger

    Most people don't know what their mission is, they don't have one. Looks like what you're trying to say here is that's what has made all the difference for you.

    So, where do we begin with crafting a mission? I would say with our vision for a world that's better in some specific way because of what we do.

  • Nathan Hangen

    You're right on both counts. Most people don't have one…they start blogging before they do. I'm guilty.

    Once I found my mission, and solidified it, that's when things starting changing for me.

    As for crafting? Depends.

    McDonalds doesn't really change the world in the “Kumbaya” sense, but they make it easy for people to eat. That could be a mission…but it's not really one that inspires, and I'm not sure if it works like that anymore.

    I suggest that people take some time to think about the messages that really resonate with them and then compare them to their own situation. Analyze the hell out of it until you have something you can work with. Find out what inspires you, and you'll have an idea of how you can inspire others.

  • remarkablogger

    I get what you're saying, and although I don't have anything of substance to
    say about McDonald's mission, I can speak about my own. My mission is to
    provide training and information to help businesses thrive through blog
    marketing. On the surface, that looks pretty ho-hum, but then you realize
    we're talking about people's dreams, here, and possibly the difference
    between someone making good money from their business vs. failing and going
    out of business. That's very serious to me. But if I worded to include words
    like “dreams” etc., it would probably sound goofy. Dream-fulfillment is the
    ultimate benefit for my clients and customers, but that's not my actual
    mission. Hope that makes some kind of sense.

  • Mariam

    Thinking about the world? Most people have problems to say what might be better for them. Few people can say what they want. But most people are able to say what they don't want.

    Maybe starting there might be easier for some of us human beings as we're not used to get what we want.

  • Mariam

    Nathan I really love your posts. While reading this article, it made me think of my own mission and vision. You mentioned things I just have thought about.

    It seems that I just found a real “competitor” for my new project ;)

    Hope you don't get off the track you prepared so hard.

  • remarkablogger

    Sure, deciding what you WON'T do is very powerful. Living according to your

  • Mariam

    Well it's a point to start from. I think it's more the passive way of doing an decision.

  • Nathan Hangen

    Makes complete sense, and it's a mission that I empathize with because of people I know that would fall in to your target market.

    In that sense, I'd think that your business/mission is more about empowering people than it is to helping them achieve their dreams. I'm just digging here, but in your case I think telling stories would be a powerful tool. Kind of like the Lemonade movie.

    I'm still working through this, and it's tough to apply it evenly in all circumstances, but I can't help but point to Zappos and their mission, which isn't dreams per-se, but still improves peoples lives.

    Sure, selling pancakes isn't as sexy as selling non-conformity, but then again, I think a lot of that goes back to branding.

    Great points man, I love these type of conversations.

  • Nathan Hangen

    A lot of people are afraid to give themselves permission to go after what they want. They're afraid of failure and rejection. Your point is a good one, and it's something that people need for sure.

  • Nathan Hangen

    Thanks Mariam. I can't promise anything, but I'd hope my readers will let me know when I have. Sometimes, it's tough to see from inside.

  • Mariam

    I think they will! Well I will. Yes it's though to see from inside. But we have family, true friends and collegues in the blogosphere that are always there to support you, me or everyone.

  • Hulbert

    Nice post Nathan. I've also read The Outliers book and the 10,000 hour rule blew my mind, especially the part with world class musicians, Bill Gates, and The Beatles. I agree with you that there's no such as a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of time to build a foundation or a business. I'm glad you were able help change the world against social conventions through your blog. Thanks for this and keep up the good work!

  • Joel Williams

    Education and inspiration, that you could be your mission! I once told someone my mission was helping people and sounded a bit of a tosser, but it's true. Not in a soup kitchen or building orphanage way, but in a problem solving/removing way. I'll admit, the precise wording needs some work…

  • kimdoyal

    Hi Nathan,
    I love reading how your posts combine your life with your business…pretty much what it's all about!
    Your post reminds me of the idea idea/excuse people use that it will take too long or they'll be too old to do something by the time they get there……which is when you point out that the time will pass and they'll still get older regardless of what they do!
    10,000 hrs will pass whether you do or don't……..may as well choose to 'DO'!

  • Mariam

    Well yes it takes long and yes you might be “old” when you finally find your mission and vision. But I think it's never to late to make your dreams come true…

  • Samuel Rodriguez

    I agree with you Nathan. I spent all the last year trying to convince my clients of the benefits of hiring me. In last december i noticed that my basis were wrong. I decided to focus my work in helping others to achieve their goals, As a consequence i would reach mine. In less than a month i started to build my chain of relationships, not clients. I started a blog to share my ideas. Now i know that i have to be patient (at least 5,000 hours to be at half of the distance). I'll keep my pace.

  • Kelly Diels

    your “Neo moment” – great analogy. Adore the toggling between pop culture and business. Another interesting use of rhetoric: “novice princes and experience kings”. Any room for witches, sorceresses and queens in there?

    Dave Doolin and I were talking about something like this, recently. He says the first year (or two) of blogging is graduate school. You just have to put in the time reading, researching, experimenting (doing) and writing. There is no substitute and no shortcut.

  • Jonathan Stamey

    Hey Nathan I really appreciate your writing…it's the shit. I think I subscribed to you after your Art of Shameless Promotion post on Copyblogger.

    I've been at it with my mixed martial arts blog for a little over a year now. It's been discouraging at times, but after all this time of not feeling like I have something to offer I've gotten back to teaching what I love, what I'm good at, and what I know I have a unique perspective on…it should of been my initial “Mission Plan” but at least I'm back on track now. Hopefully it'll take me from struggling to make ends meet to doing alright.

    Anyways, your writing inspires me and reinforces some things I know I could do if I try a little harder.

    Thanks again…I noticed we both live in North Carolina so have That in common!

  • Sean Smith

    Great post Nathan!

    It is said that in order to truly succeed you must be the leader you want to be, not the leader you think you are. Ideally, we would all have our business plans clearly defined, personal and business goals set and begin to blog with the ease of a seasoned pro. However, whether in blogging, your personal life or any business for that matter, getting started is always the most difficult part, and we inevitably go through a time where we are all attempting to find ourselves before becoming content with who we are and where we are going. Once the knowledge is attain, a calm feeling will come over you and like Nathan, maybe you too will see the world as Neo did in the Matrix. But until then, you must set your sights on your mission and work daily to accomplish your objectives no matter how great or small they may be. In doing so, make sure to help as many people along the way!

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom Nathan!

  • Robert Bravery

    Desire and skill are tow sides of the same coin. With out the one the other is useless. If we desire to be better our skill will soon follow.

  • Marc Winitz

    This is really well written Nathan, very insightful in terms of your experiences in the digital domain. I continue to find it interesting that people think that success comes easily whether that is number of readers or building a thriving business model just because it is on the web. There are no shortcuts to success in anything (web based or otherwise). You can pretty much count on dedication, hardwork and a little luck to get the success you seek.

  • renewabelle

    Dang. I didn't realize there was going to be homework…

  • Andy Cc

    “Coming up with new ideas and testing them…”. That's the key. Your post reminded me of a speaker I heard years ago – Practice makes permanent. Not perfect. If you are just going through the motions, repeating the same actions over and over, you end up hardwiring the mistakes that are holding you back right into your system. It is the quest for something new and testing it that makes a difference. Whether you are developing software like Gates or performing like the Beatles, it's not the 10,000 hours that breaks the barrier. It is the quest for something new, different, better. The difference between copying and mimicking. You could copy George Harrison note for note. You'd be repeating his mistakes, not learning from your own. So stop practicing, start failing. Maybe the rule should be: Make 10,000 mistakes!

  • Antti Kokkonen

    For me, there has not been a mission. Or actually there is, but I haven't given the speech (many great analogies on this one, but that hit it home for me). Without the speech, it will remain as the “secret mission” only I'm on.

    Nathan, I think you created a masterpiece on this one. One kind of “Neo” moment for me at least. I realized that I don't have a mission, at least one that I would've shared with people. I haven't thought about it. I started blogging and figured things as I went along. I have some thinking to do now :)

  • Jen

    I really enjoyed this post and my mission is exactly what I have been clarifying recently. I haven't come up with a complete answer yet … it is in the realm of helping people achieve their goals, but it is in progress. My first time here – thanks I got a lot from this (especially hearing that it has taken you two years to get where you are … helps put things in perspective on my own blogging journey.)

  • On Blogging Well

    Becoming a Crusader by @nhangen | #blogging #business #success #socialmedia

  • TheInfoPreneur

    Brother never a truer word spoken. I love the part when you mention

    'the true way to obtain success is by enabling people to have some of their own'

    I think of it as I did in the military, teach the ranks below you how to do your job and they will push you higher. Keep the cycle healthy and your laughing.

    Top work brother

  • Kevin Tea

    As an old hippy I believe there are times when things “come together” much like the “Road to Damascus moment you outlined above and that was when aspects of your life meshed to provide a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you go about it. I am sure the world is full of people who have tried to achieve something major but have failed because the time was just not right for them. Now some people may call that defeatist or fatalistic but I have experienced this serendipity at times in my life and looking back over the years I have identified these periods of success and also failure.

    Over the months I have followed you I have seen a phenomenal growth and I have a tremendous amount of respect for what you have – and will – achieve. This is a powerful article but to someone who has not had the flash of realisation it could seem like another NLP or similar blurb and maybe doesn't allow for the concept that people reach their level at at specific times and that in many instances this cannot be rushed.

    I am not decrying your message but I am sure that I have ready a tract from Buddhist or Hindu books that says that if the pupil is not ready he will not hear the message.

  • Fabio Marciano

    Selling digital products, not just focused on making money online RT @tweetmeme Becoming a Crusader #bloghelp

  • Nathan Hangen

    Timing and coincidence has a lot to do with it…no doubt.

    My journey started 10 years ago, and I've been failing non-stop until now. A lot of it was because I was either too confident, immature and reckless, or just not being smart enough.

    I don't know a lot about NLP, but I see what you're saying. More than anything though, even if it isn't your time…there's no harm in thinking about your mission. Maybe that's what will tip your fortune over the edge (not you specifically, but in general).

  • Nathan Hangen

    Exactly. If you want to move to the next level, you have to train someone to take your job.

  • Nathan Hangen

    It certainly hasn't been easy for me, and I've watched a lot of new people go big time in shorter spans. I don't know why it took me so long…fate perhaps.

    Regardless, there's hope for all of us…thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  • Nathan Hangen

    Thanks Antti,

    I always press publish with a bit of nervous excitement…I'm just glad that lately, people are respond positively.

    Just like you said, a secret mission sounds cool, but the true value is hidden. I really believe that we're all born to do something unique, and finding that is what brings the most value to our lives and to the world.

  • Nathan Hangen

    One of my old marketing directors used the same line, and you're right…your practice has to be focused.

    Those that say fail early and fail often are right…I've failed 10x more than I've succeeded, but those successes more than made up for it.

  • Nathan Hangen

    Well, it's self-graded, does that make it any better? :)

  • Nathan Hangen

    It's nice to think that it comes quickly…I think that's what motivates people in the beginning, but after a while, that buzz wears off and it's just you and your dream. Lucky for me, my dreams have a very strong will to survive. I think that's the difference.

  • Nathan Hangen

    Absolutely. With a strong enough desire, the skill will catch up. It just takes time.

  • Nathan Hangen

    I like that first line. It makes a lot of sense.

    If it was easy, then it wouldn't be worth doing :)

  • Nathan Hangen

    Thanks man, I really appreciate that. Glad you found your way over here!

    MMA is something that will only gain popularity, at least in my opinion, so I think you're in a good place. The key, like you said, is to bring your own perspective to the table and use that to be different.

    Where in NC are you?

  • Nathan Hangen

    Always room for witches, sorceresses, queens, wizards, warlocks…you name it.

    Dave is absolutely right…he's a smart dude. I wish it was easier, and I expected that it would be, but the work has been well worth it.

  • Nathan Hangen

    Ooh, I like that.

    Instead of selling what you've accomplished, sell what they can.

  • Nathan Hangen

    Yep…my life is my business these days. Not much of a separation!

    I've heard that “too old” excuse so many times it makes me want to scream. Why accept being miserable, no matter how old you are?

  • Nathan Hangen

    Thanks Hulbert. 10,000 hours sure is a lot of time isn't it?

  • Nathan Hangen

    Who among you is ready to become a crusader?

  • Roy Naim

    RE: @nhangen Great post.

    I used to have a teacher who used to drill this into us. "You want to become an expert in s…

  • Srinivas Rao


    I'm glad you finally got yourself a mac :) . Welcome to the tribe. I don't think you'll be using our PC's very much anymore.It's really cool to see how much you've grown since I first came across you when I interviewed you for the first time. I think BlogcastFM has been the beginning of what my mission is. I think that mission is to become a connector because it's hands down my greatest strength. That idea also came from Malcom Gladwell. So, glad to see I'm on the only one inspired by his ideas.

  • Roy Naim

    Great post.

    I used to have a teacher who used to drill this into us. “You want to become an expert in so and so. But the problem is you want it to happen over night and that my students is a serious problem”.

    That lesson, though very simple, stayed with me for life. Whatever I do, whether weight loss, studying a subject, running, business, building relationship…I know going into it that I will give it my very best but I must allow it to form. Like a butterfly…until it got to the final stage…it took time.

    And it's true. People want to be part of something because it adds to them. Like Seth Godin says it in his book Tribe. People are joining you because they resonate with the movement not because it's you (but I am sure it helps).

    And about the “Apple Experience”, I was on the phone with a guy in Apple who was really excited to get me started in Apple, I felt so bad that I was going to buy it just to make him happy. Ha.

  • Nathan Hangen

    Well, I was a Mac hater until I bought the iPhone, and the Mac love just kind of crept over me…their marketing/branding is perfecto. Just opening the box was an experience.

    I like what you're doing with BlogcastFM…there's room for something like that.

  • Nathan Hangen

    haha, that's what scares me about Apple…kind of cult'ish :)

    Your teacher was a smart one. More teachers need to instill that into kids. It's half discipline, half dedication. And it does take time, which is why it's important to find out what you really want before you start spending that time.

  • Jonathan Stamey

    No problem dude.

    I'm in Hickory (western part of the state). Grew up in Cary and Raleigh, and went to school in Greenville at East Carolina.

    You're in Fayetteville/FayetteNam :) right? The UFC had that fight for the troops there a while back.

    Anyways, thanks for chattin with me…I'll be keeping up with your blog on a regular basis now :)

  • Kevin Tea

    Nathan, I see no harm in having a rough plan but I have seen too many people strive for something that is rigid and timing, coincidence, right place wrong time – all of that hasn't worked and they crashed and burned.

    If your journey started 10 years ago I had better pull my finer out before I die ;-)

  • John Lufadeju

    Becoming a Crusader (via @nhangen)

  • chrisguillebeau

    So many comments! You're killing it, Nathan. Thanks so much for the props. I like the empire analogy.

    The more you work on this, the better it gets, and the more people who will be impacted. Fun times.

    All best,


  • Rich Lazzara

    RT @nhangen Becoming a Crusader

  • Enabling Your Customers to Level Up | Nathan Hangen

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  • Nathan Hangen

    Thanks man. You've inspired me quite a bit, and watching your blog progress has given me a lot of insight on what it takes to make it work.

  • Thor Holt

    Love it buddy, what if following your true 'mission' would endanger your family and loved ones?

  • Susan M. Baker

    Great post Nathan! The mission is key!

  • Nathan Hangen

    I think we hit that pretty hard in our talk, but the longer I'm in business, the more that lesson reveals itself.

  • Nathan Hangen

    hmmm, that's a tough call. Depends on what your mission is (can you share?), but sometimes you have to make a choice…and it's not an easy one.

  • susanmbaker

    great blog post by @nhangen: Become a Crusader

  • Susan M. Baker

    great blog post by @nhangen: Become a Crusader

  • Susan M. Baker

    great blog post by @nhangen: Become a Crusader

  • Susan M. Baker

    great blog post by @nhangen: Become a Crusader

  • Eric Saylor

    Talk about a call to action. Holy cow. You spoke to me about how to connect to readers. I feel like i'm entering the field of battle on my valiant steed ready to capture the tower of traffic. This is great. You touched on so many aspects of selling to people. How to sell your product. How to sell yourself. How to sell your ideas. And you also created buy-in around listening over speaking. I'll take your advice on refining a mission. Maybe you're write a post on how to transpose your mission to your words?

    -Eric Saylor

  • Sell Without Selling For Dummies « Real Business Answers

    [...] over at NathanHangen has a fantastic post on standing out as someone different. It is worth the five-minute read and [...]

  • Nathan Hangen

    Eric, thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like a perfect follow up.

    Glad the post connected with you in that way…that's exactly how I felt when I was writing it!

  • Susan M. Baker

    yes! I think a true mission crystalizes as what we have to offer our clients and customers matures and grows deeper.

  • Jonny

    Incredible post mate and it was inspiring to hear how hard and how many hours you put in for 2 years before “seeing the code”.

    Also, where did you get your awesome theme design from?

  • Nathan Hangen

    Thanks man. It didn't feel like work at the time, but looking back it's incredible.

    My theme is custom designed by Kimb Jones at

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  • jackie861


    You hit it on the head when you said “it’s critical that you discover your own personal mission.” I find myself still putting “me” in the middle, instead of what you said finding my own personal mission and tapping into that instead.

    I know I'm a work in progress, but, then isn't that what growth is all about?

  • jackie861


    You hit it on the head when you said “it’s critical that you discover your own personal mission.” I find myself still putting “me” in the middle, instead of what you said finding my own personal mission and tapping into that instead.

    I know I'm a work in progress, but, then isn't that what growth is all about?

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