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30 Oct 2008

A Pirate’s Life for Me

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Seasteading, Have You Heard?

Image by Seasteading

Image by Seasteading

I read about Seasteading several months ago, but at the time I didn’t think it was relevant. However, since I am starting to break into new topic on this blog, I thought I would take a shot at making it relevant. If you read my post on the future of architecture, then you have some insight into my fascination with the future and how excited I am to see the concepts I read about as a child slowly start to come to life.

What is Seasteading?

According to the Seasteading Institute, the definition is as follows:

Seasteading means to create permanent dwellings on the ocean – homesteading the high seas. A seastead, like in the picture above, is a structure meant for permanent occupation on the ocean.

According to the same site, Seasteading is a way to live outside of traditional national boundaries and laws and in essence allow in-depth social experiments to take place. Although I think moving to a sea platform in order to re-create cities from the ground up seems a bit like an overreaction, apparently Google does not. A Google engineer has stepped in by adding funding and Google has filed for patents of ocean platform technology.

I view this Seasteading thing as a curious experiment more than anything, but there are several interesting points to note about the project.

  • Google is continuing to prove that they are not simply a search engine. Google continues to invest itself in the future of business, science, and technology at an alarming rate. At this pace, Google may own the planet some day.
  • Many people complain about governments and laws, but the fact that people are investing large sums of money to escape them is very important. This may signal the start of the revolution that enables small communites to become heavy in the influence department.
  • 10-20 years ago people would have thought this idea was crazy and impossible to achieve. Who would have thought that we are on the verge of being able to colonize every portion of the planet. This may be a realistic solution to the present and future land availability problem. This may also make a tremendous impact on world economies if the technology is able to harvest the power of the sea to create a trade and energy production network on every corner of the globe.

I am predicting that this particular experiment ends in a whimper, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it resurrected by the end of this century.  The human will is tremendous and I wouldn’t doubt in our capability to accomplish anything.

What do you think?

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